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In today’s business environment companies need to be as efficient as possible to maintain their competitiveness. For many businesses energy bills are typically one of the largest expenses incurred. Currently business’s have the largest incentives provided in the solar industry for those that are tied to the grid. For example, NH businesses receive a federal tax credit of 30% and a state of New Hampshire rebate up to $50,000 or 25% of the project cost, whichever is less. Businesses also have the ability to apply an accelerated depreciation schedule which can reduce tax liability by as much as 34% of the system cost. Couple financial incentives with a long term vision, and companies of all sizes have the ability to increase their competitive edge for decades while increasing profits.

Many companies have also benefited from solar due to demonstrating their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. Besides customers viewing an array on the property either on the roof, in a field, or on a carport, many business applications benefit by also providing a visual display or dash board of the systems performance and output. A data monitoring system is a great way to showcase the real time and historical performance data on a weekly, monthly, annual, and since inception time frame. The dashboard also reflects the environmental impact by showing the carbon offset by the systems production. These displays can be used in public or private. It is a web based application and can be viewed from a computer, smart phone, tablet, or displayed on a monitor in a business lobby or reception area.

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