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Due to the extreme weather of New England and the fact that most of the resources used to produce local energy (natural gas and coal) have to be shipped from other regions of the US, our energy prices tend to be the most volatile in the US. Coupled with increased technology, competitive pricing, federal and state incentives, solar energy has never been as affordable for the individual home owner.

Federal and state incentives are available to help encourage home owners offset the initial expense of constructing a solar array on their property. The federal government currently provides a 30% tax credit and the state of New Hampshire provides a one-time rebate of $3,750. This dramatically reduces the costs of a typical residential system. In most instances a homeowner will have the opportunity to offset the cost of a system with in a reasonable time. Once the solar PV system is paid for, a homeowner will enjoy free power for several decades!

An additional benefit to adding a solar array to your home is the increased resale value. Studies have shown that home owners who have installed a solar array historically have been able to recoup the cost of the array when they go to sell the home verses similar homes without the benefit of a solar power system. This is due to the marketplace understanding and appreciating the financial benefit of a typical monthly bill being eliminated.


Location Options

There are a couple options for locating a solar array on your property. The most common application is to mount the system on a south facing roof. This is usually the most common for home owners because of its high elevation being away from potential objects that may shade the array as well as being aesthetically pleasing blending in with the roof.
Another option is a ground mounted system. This option provides the home owner flexibility to position the array in a location of their choice depending on personal preferences and an effort to maximize the systems production.


Net Metering

Net metering allows home owners to connect their solar array to the grid in an effort to simplify the integration of solar into the energy market and maximize the output of the array. Although consumers use power around the clock, solar energy is only produced during daylight hours. Arrays are typically designed to produce enough power during day light hours to offset the amount that is consumed in a 24 hour period. During production time a home owners meter spins in reverse and accumulates credits. After the sun goes down, production stops and the home owner now starts to be a net consumer. At night, the owner may use up some or all of the credits produced during the day. The goal is to design a system that would produce the same amount of energy throughout the year as the amount consumed by the home owner.


Group Net Metering

Group net metering is the same principal as net metering but allows multiple consumers to benefit from a single array that may be in a different location or property within the same utility territory. For example: an array may be located on a single property that produces enough power to not only offset the power consumed on that property but possibly a few neighbors as well.

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